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"Dr. LeDuc and the staff at Stillwater Spine and Sports Center have contributed in a huge way to the success of my athletic career over the past several years. After multiple, major injuries, Tye has rehabbed me back to full health each and every time. He has earned my complete confidence that if my body is repairable, he can repair it.”

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Rose's Return

Rose Grant Wins 4th Straight Mountain Bike National Championship


"I am a surgeon here in town. I frequently perform long operations requiring me to stand in one place with my neck and back hunched over. There are times I can hardly stand up straight after a long day. I met Dr. LeDuc several years ago and decided to give him a try. He has been able to relieve my neck and back pain. His office staff is excellent. When I call with an acute problem, they always are accommodating and get me in to be seen. Dr. LeDuc and his staff have been able to extend my professional and recreational career."


Drew Kirshner MD, 

Cardiothoracic Surgeon


"My experience at Stillwater Spine and Sports advanced my athletic career in one major way, and that was consistency. I was able to maintain incredibly consistent training, for years on end by visiting Dr. LeDuc during the early stages of a developing injury. By doing this I was able to achieve an incredibly linear and consistent improvement. Dr. LeDuc would help me hit the reset button, help me strengthen weak areas, while recognizing that taking total down time wasn’t the answer, and could lead to future problems. 


I trusted my athletic future with Stillwater Spine and Sports because of Dr. LeDuc’s ability to recognize and understand what it is like to be a driven person, one who needs to feel like they get a little better every day. He understands that there needs to be a treatment plan that involves forward movement toward the goal of recovery, not stagnant treatment that never really leads anywhere.


My experience at Stillwater Spine was much different than the other provider I went to when I was away in college. At this provider, they knew nothing about a repetitive sport like running, they were too cautious on my return to running, which allowed deficiencies to develop in other parts of my body. Dr. LeDuc would have realized the need to maintain these weak areas, got me back out there sooner, and would have helped prevent further injury."


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"I moved to Kalispell not sure I would find a Chiro/PT that would meet my needs, but I found the best place I have ever been! Dr. Tye LeDuc and I worked together multiple days a week to get me back to competition and my back never felt better since my injury. I was confident that all the staff at Stillwater Spine and Sports had my best interests in mind and knew what I needed as an athlete. They accommodated my personal needs and everyone in the office is so amazing to work with! I have yet to find a better facility and people for my Chiropractic/Physical Therapy needs!" 


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"I cannot recommend Dr. LeDuc and the rest of the staff at Stillwater Spine and Sports enough. They truly are the pinnacle of excellence in chiropractic care. Consistently focused on returning me to full recovery as quickly as possible. I have always been impressed with the amount of time and attention spent with each patient. You can tell that they continue to invest in education and technological advances. I have always appreciated their integrity, outlining from the start realistic expectations of outcomes, and time frames.My entire family is under the care of Stillwater Spine and Sports, and we would go nowhere else."

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